Supporting MSC

At MSC we believe in the importance of having children experience the value and the rewards of social responsibility, of being an active member of the community they are in. The students learn from an early age that a cooperative spirit means sharing the responsibility of keeping their classroom environment – of keeping it clean and tidy, of taking care of the animals and the plants, of being kind and supportive of their classmates.


As students get older they learn to set their sights outside of their own classroom and experience being part of the school community as a whole. Our elementary students might volunteer in the Children’s House classrooms to help serve lunch on Pizza Day, or they might listen to children read, or teach a group of younger children how to fold an origami paper crane as part of a school project. Eventually, the students engage in community service outside the school that address local and global needs, such as helping to clean a local pet shelter or take part in a tsunami relief project. Through a variety of encounters the students learn the importance of taking action and the joy that comes from giving to others.


In the same way, adults in our MSC community share a responsibility for helping to maintain the excellence of the programs at the school. MSC relies on volunteers to help with special events as well as on a regular basis to listen to children read and with projects in the classrooms.


Also, like all independent schools, MSC relies on contributions to help meet its operating budget and fund strategic initiatives. The Montessori School of Celebration Foundations exists to spearhead the fundraising efforts that benefit the school. On-going support from parents, faculty, grandparents, former families, alumni and others, channeled through the foundation, helps to keep MSC an excellent educational experience for its students.