Elementary: 6 to 12 year-old students

Montessori education central florida8:15 – 3:15, Monday – Friday

The Elementary programs are designed for 6-12 year old children. The curriculum is an integrated approach to the different subject areas, including arithmetic, geometry, language, geography, the sciences, history, art and music. Through interactions with the materials and working on projects, the students experience and learn to see the connection between the different areas of study, instead of just learning a series of facts. Spanish, P.E., and yoga are elements of the whole elementary curriculum. Japanese (Taiko) drumming adds to the musical experience of the students as well as specialized art instruction. The students learn organizational and time management skills, in order to become more self-directed as learners. Field trips take the students outside of the classroom to provide opportunities for hands-on application of concepts learned.


Our classroom environments are designed to provide both individual and group learning experiences and the students are lively and engaged in their work. 6-9 year-olds (Lower Elementary, grades 1-3) and 9-12 (Upper Elementary, grades 4-6) each have a multi-age experience with the benefits of older students acting as leaders and mentors.


Community building is an integral part of the elementary program through different experiences that foster bonding amongst the students, problem solving and conflict resolution to deal with interpersonal challenges and community service to nurture the students’ understanding of themselves as members of society, both from a local and a global perspective.