“Both my teen age son and daughter were students at the Montessori School of Celebration from their pre-school years up through the start of their middle school years. There are no words that can express my family’s gratitude to this Montessori school for the incredible life-long gift it has given to my children. Both of my teen age children have blossomed into capable, confident, considerate and highly intelligent teenagers.  The school nurtured my children’s natural curiosity and love of learning and made it a permanent part of their personalities. Both of my children smoothly transitioned into a traditional high school and quickly rose to the top of their classes and are both currently members of the National Honor Society.”

-The Harlynking Family, Celebration, FL


“The Montessori School of Celebration is incredibly dedicated to their students and the Montessori philosophy, and our family has reaped the rewards.  They teach the whole child, creating a new generation of wonderful global citizens. I believe having my children attend the Montessori School of Celebration for so many years was one of the best decisions our family ever made. I cannot thank them enough.”

-The Harlynking Family, Celebration, FL


“Our son, Isaac, started during the first year of The Montessori School of Celebration when he was not quite 3 years old. He had the wonderful blessing of attending there until he was 11, through 5th grade. He is now an Honor Student at a rigorous prep school in the 9th grade.  His transition in 6th grade from Montessori to a traditional school, homework and all, was seamless.  Isaac was well prepared academically and socially. At MSC Isaac learned a love and respect for all living creatures, developed a passion for art, and mastered his skill for independent exploration and for that we are forever grateful.”

-The Fought family, Celebration, FL


“We have two “Montessori” children and now that one child is in college at Notre Dame and another is a sophomore in high school we have become more convinced than ever that Montessori was the best decision we made for our kids’ education.

Before we discovered Montessori, our son was a pretty average kid who actually was turned down at a local prep school – at the age of 4. At Montessori he quickly developed an incredible love of learning that continues to this day. He ended up graduating in the top 5% of his class at Trinity Prep and is now studying chemical engineering at Notre Dame.

Our daughter loved her Montessori experience. We were fortunate to have Ms. Simon as her teacher until Margaret moved to Celebration Middle School. Because Montessori teaches concepts rather than facts Margaret has found Math to be very easy. She is currently a confident student in the IB program at Celebration High School.

One final comment: there are good Montessori schools and some schools that call themselves Montessori schools but are not that good. We are fortunate In Celebration to have what I think is an excellent Montessori School. The owners are 100% committed to the proven concepts of Montessori. They do not compromise on their beliefs.

We have come to understand how critical the age of 4 to 7 is in a child’s education and development. We can’t imagine a better place for that than the Montessori School in Celebration.”

-Paul and Val Collins, Celebration, FL


“The Montessori School of Celebration is truly one of the community pillars. All of our children have benefited from their professional and empowering environment. They create a sold academic base and have taught them independence, responsibly and critical thinking.”

– Rob Wight, Celebration, FL