Mission Statement

The mission of the Montessori School of Celebration is to be a school deeply committed to being a community of life-long learners that embodies the principles of Montessori education; to be a family-centered school that actively involves families in the education of their children, and to be a school that celebrates and honors the cultural and ethnic diversity of our society.


We are committed to creating and maintaining a warm and welcoming environment in which children and adults feel acknowledged and celebrated, in which a culture of partnership, kindness and respect is cultivated on an ongoing basis.


We are committed to helping children and adults in their quest to become competent, self-motivated, morally aware responsible citizens. We emphasize respect, responsibility, problem-solving skills and the ability to view and respect different perspectives.



At the Montessori School of Celebration our core values reflect our commitment to Montessori education and philosophy:


Individuality: We respect each person’s individuality, each person’s right to be who he/she is, while maintaining the wellbeing of the whole community.


Respect: We respect children as competent individuals and share that same respect with the adults in our community.


Diversity: We seek to create a learning environment that includes and values diversity and different perspectives.


Learning: We strive to foster in children and adults a life-long love and commitment to learning.


Responsibility: We assume responsibility for our own learning and for our commitment to each other as fellow human beings.


Cooperation: We foster cooperation through open and productive communication.


Compassion: We value and foster compassion and social responsibility.


Integrity: We value and foster integrity in our words and in our actions.


Self-reflection: We value self-reflection as an important tool for growth and positive change.