School name

Montessori School of Celebration




We are affiliated with the American Montessori Society

Grade levels

2 1/2 year olds through 15 year olds(Children’s House, Lower and Upper Elementary, Adolescents)

Educational Philosophy

We are a traditional Montessori school based on the educational philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori. A Montessori educational experience: 

  • Rich, integrated spiral curriculum that adds depth to the student’s understanding
  • Multi-age groupings to foster and build relationships with peers and adults
  • Academic instruction customized to maximize each student’s potential
  • Safe, home-like atmosphere to foster a sense of belonging
  • Peer mediation and conflict resolution
  • Social and emotional skill building
  • Preparation for life


The school is located in Celebration, Florida, within the town of Kissimmee and just a few miles southwest of Orlando. All of our classrooms are located within the same building, creating a multi-age community of learners.


125 students
55 Early Childhood [ages 2 1/2 -6]
70 Elementary and Adolescents [ages 6-15]

Geographic Representation

Many of our students are from the town of Celebration. We also have students from the neighboring towns of Kissimmee, Orlando, Poinciana, Clermont and Davenport.

Student Diversity

Our student body is multi-racial and multi-national. We welcome students, families, faculty and staff with differences not limited to age, ethnicity, family structure, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or socioeconomic background; as well as levels of ability when reasonable accommodation can be made. Our goal is to understand human difference as a call for celebration and to empower ourselves, our children and our community for positive change.


Lead Teachers are certified by a MACTE-accredited  Montessori certification program in addition to having at least a Bachelor’s Degree. Assistant teachers are also certified by a MACTE-accredited Montessori certification program. As the site for two Montessori certification programs, one for the 2 1/1 – 6 age group and one for the elementary ages, our school offers our teachers consistent and easily-accessible professional development opportunities throughout the  year.

Student / Faculty Ratio

Generally 13 students to one teacher


Directed by the head of school / owner and an Advisory Council comprised of parents, educational and financial consultants and staff members.

Academic Calendar

10-month academic calendar; summer camps for 2 1/2 – 6 year olds

Head of School

Karen Simon

Mailing Address

901 Begonia Road, Celebration, FL 34747

Telephone / Fax Numbers

Telephone: 407.566.1561 

Fax: 407.566.1544