Our Students

students at montessori school of celebrationAt the Montessori School of Celebration, our goal is to educate children for life.

The Montessori way of learning offers a unique method of education that challenges children of all ages to move forward without creating barriers, helping each to excel at his/her pace, fostering independence and a love of learning.

Our students are in environments in which they can develop, grow and mature as human beings.



A picture of an MSC student:


  • Independence and Autonomy: An MSC student experiences the opportunity for independence and autonomy, and, consequently, a strong sense of dignity, from an early age through all the grade levels at MSC. This enables the child to make life choices without being overly dependent on others for motivation, direction or approval.
  • Confidence and Competence: Because children develop the skills to be independent learners at MSC, they demonstrate the confidence to tackle unfamiliar tasks and the willingness to persevere in spite of obstacles that might get in their way.
  • Academic Preparedness: An MSC student is an enthusiastic, lifelong learner whose achievements reflect the best of his or her abilities.
  • Social Responsibility: Because fostering a sense of community is of utmost importance at MSC, as classrooms, as a school, as a local community and as world citizens, MSC students reach out  to others in need, they explore ways of contributing towards others and learn to work together, as a team, to reach a common goal.
  • Spiritual Awareness and World Citizenship: MSC students develop an appreciation and respect for their connection with all other living things, they learn peaceful negotiation to deal with conflicts, and they display an optimistic and powerful belief in their ability to make a difference in the world.


Graduates of MSC have gone on to excel in various independent, parochial and public high school programs. The common strength of these students is their personal commitment to education, their strong academic background and their love of learning.